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Symptoms of Vibration White Finger

The symptoms of vibration white finger can range from mild to severe, and can last for minutes or hours at a time. In the worst cases, the symptoms are permanent.

Symptoms of vibration white finger include fingers becoming white in cold weather or when wet, lack of strength in the fingers, limited range of movement and pain and throbbing when the hands become warmer as blood returns to the fingers.

If the condition worsens, the fingers can turn blue, and symptoms can appear in milder temperatures. Some sufferers can even experience a permanent numbness in the fingers.

It's important to remember that symptoms can start to appear months or years after using vibrating tools, and sufferers can claim vibration white finger compensation within three years of first recognising they have symptoms, even if they haven't used vibrating tools for some time. 

What effects can the symptoms of vibration white finger have?

Vibration white finger is linked to a range of conditions called HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) and also to carpal tunnel syndrome. While the symptoms of vibration white finger are not life-threatening, they can significantly affect a person's working and social life. A limited range of movement, or pain in the fingers can prevent sufferers doing their job properly, or enjoying hobbies such as golf or fishing.

Claiming vibration white finger compensation can help with medical expenses, and cover any lost earnings through taking time off work to recover. 

The government's Health and Safety Executive states that symptoms of vibration white finger can also lead to:

  • Pain, distress and lack of sleep
  • Inability to do everyday tasks such as tying shoelaces or fastening buttons 
  • Painful finger blanching attacks brought on by working in cold or damp conditions
  • A noticeable reduction in grip strength, which might affect the ability to work safely.

How to lessen the symptoms of vibration white finger

To counteract the symptoms of vibration white finger, sufferers are advised to take regular exercise and to try to keep warm. Most vibration white finger experts believe that symptoms can also be reduced by not smoking and reducing caffeine intake.

Vibration white finger compensation

We specialise in vibration white finger claims, and have been helping sufferers claim compensation since 1993.

For more advice and information on the symptoms of vibration white finger, or to claim vibration white finger compensation, call us or start your claim online today. Calling is free and confidential - our friendly advisors are waiting to answer your questions and help you claim the vibration white finger compensation you deserve.

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Arm Injuries
Vibration White Finger/Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
£2000 - £25250
Simple wrist fracture/soft tissue injury
£2300 - £6750
Wrist injury with ongoing problems
£8250 - £16100

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