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Causes of Vibration White Finger

This page looks at the different causes of vibration white finger. The causes identified should always be addressed by your manager or employer, especially if your role involves using vibrating tools or machinery for long periods of time. If they haven't taken any precautions to keep you safe, you may be eligible to claim white finger compensation.

What causes vibration white finger?

Vibration white finger usually affects those involved in building or construction work, heavy engineering, mining or in any role which involves using power tools on a regular basis.

The constant impact and jarring experienced when using tools like chainsaws, power drills, jigsaws and road breakers can damage nerves and blood vessels, and over time, these minor injuries can add up and eventually lead to permanent problems with the fingers and hands.

This constant impact and its effect on the blood vessels can also lead to restricted blood flow, which is what causes the fingers and hands to turn white or blue in the cold.

Now that you know what causes vibration white finger, you can find out more about how to prevent the condition below, or if you want to claim white finger compensation, call us or start your claim online now.    

Prevention and white finger compensation

Employers should assess the risks to their staff and implement measures to reduce or eliminate those risks. For example, employers should:

  • Provide appropriate training on using vibrating tools safely. Tools should be held as loosely as possible
  • Make sure tools are well maintained
  • Provide anti-vibration gloves
  • Make sure employees take regular breaks of at least 10 minutes

When employers fail to take reasonable, practical steps to address the causes of vibration white finger, and an employee suffers as a result, they may be able to claim white finger compensation. If you feel that your employer is not using adequate health and safety measures then this needs to be addressed.

To start your claim, or to ask any questions about what's involved, simply call our friendly advisors for a chat - you'll be under no pressure to pursue your white finger compensation claim if you don't want to. If you'd prefer, you can start your claim online, or use Live Chat to get answers without picking up the phone.

Possible Compensation

Arm Injuries
Vibration White Finger/Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
£2000 - £25250
Simple wrist fracture/soft tissue injury
£2300 - £6750
Wrist injury with ongoing problems
£8250 - £16100

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