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Vibration White Finger

Vibration white finger is an industrial disease which affects many thousands of workers who use, or have used, vibrating machinery. It is one of a range of conditions caused by using hand-held power tools, collectively known as hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

Vibration white finger is primarily caused by long-term, repetitive use of hand-held vibrating machinery like chainsaws or power drills. Over time, the vibrations passing through the fingers, hands and arms, can damage small nerves and blood vessels, and lead to poor circulation.

For more information on the causes of this condition, read our page on causes of vibration white finger.

In working environments where employees are required to work with vibrating machinery, the employer must take steps to reduce the risk. This can mean ensuring all employees are given anti-vibration gloves and take regular breaks (of at least 10 minutes away from the tool or machinery being used).

Living with vibration white finger

Living with vibration white finger can be very uncomfortable for sufferers, and the symptoms are often worse in cold weather. Two common symptoms of vibration white finger associated with cold weather include fingers turning white and painful, and a lack of manual dexterity.

With continued exposure to vibrating tools or machinery, vibration white finger can start to affect victims in less extreme temperatures - it can even become a virtually constant problem, and in the most severe cases, sufferers can experience a complete numbness in the fingers.

What to do if you are suffering from vibration white finger

With the relatively high number of sufferers, and the fact that the condition can severely impact upon the sufferers' life, it's no surprise that every year there are a large number of vibration white finger claims made.

If you are a vibration white finger sufferer and your condition was caused by your working environment, for example, using vibrating tools without the correct training or safety equipment, you may be able to make a compensation claim. We make sure you have the expert advice and informationyou need to help you along the way.

If you think you might be suffering from vibration white finger, get in touch - we can talk through your claim and put you in touch with an experienced solicitor in your area - all for free.

Call us today - the sooner you start your claim, the sooner you could receive the compensation you need to make living with vibration white finger more comfortable.

Industrial Deafness

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Possible Compensation

Arm Injuries
Vibration White Finger/Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
£2000 - £25250