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Injured at work or suffering from a work-related illness?

Your employer is responsible for minimising risks and hazards in the workplace. We can offer you the support and guidance you need on claiming compensation for injuries or illness caused by your work.

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Mark White, Halifax, was awarded £7000

I was working for a supplies company as a driver, but was moved into the warehouse. We were stacking boxes on the racking and as I passed one up the lad above me dropped it on to my back. It must have weighed 15-20kg and was an enormous blow. My manager in the warehouse told me to 'stop being a girl' and carry on working. I went home but the pain was terrible and I visited the doctor and the physio, but I was in constant discomfort.

I felt I was being bullied at work and my jobs kept being demoted so I decided to leave. My mum suggested I call National Accident Helpline and make a claim. I was a bit nervous at first because I thought there was just me against this big company, but the girl on the phone said I had a good chance of a claim and put me on to a local solicitor. It took about a year and I received a settlement of £7,000 which really helped me out and made life a bit easier for a while.

I've got a new job now, which I really enjoy, and although I still get a lot of pain in my back and neck, I'm glad I contacted National Accident Helpline to sort out my claim. It's a brilliant service."

I would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for their service. I think I would still have claimed without No Win No Fee because they basically bullied me out of a job. The Underdog TV advert makes you think it's worth claiming. It made me think 'Hey, I might just be Mark from down the road, and they're a great big company, but it's worth a try'.

Scott Evans, Bromsgrove, was awarded £4000

I work in a foundry and was tightening some moulds with a spanner. The spanner was worn on the inside, and when I turned the handle it slipped and I fell straight backwards. I really hurt my back and was taken to hospital where they said I'd pulled the muscle at the base of my back. I was in a lot of pain and had to have three months off work. Luckily, the company paid me for my time off, but I was still annoyed with them because they'd known about the problems with the spanners but they hadn't done anything about it.

I saw National Accident Helpline's Underdog ad on the tv and decided to give them a call. I was put on to a solicitor who was great - very friendly and straight-forward. I received a settlement of just over £4,000 and was pleased with the outcome. The company changed the spanners at the foundry, too, so at least something good came out of it. I'm back working with the same company and they've been fine about everything. I'm glad I made my claim and would recommend National Accident Helpline.

I would award National Accident Helpline 4/5 for their service and I wouldn't have claimed if I'd had to pay up front - I've got children and I wouldn't have had the money. I would only claim if I didn't have to pay out money myself if I lost the claim.

Jack Davies, Norfolk, was awarded £1600

I was working for a company as a fitter/welder and was doing some work on an articulated trailer. I was supposed to have a mobile ladder on the trailer but none was available so the manager told me to climb on using a step ladder. I was using a 4" grinder with a cutting disc and it suddenly snagged and jumped out of my hand hitting my leg on it way down to the floor. When I climbed down I realised there was a big gash in my jeans and in my leg. I said I needed to go to hospital, but the director of the company (who was also the first aider) said just get on with your work. As a result the wound became infected and I have a nasty scar on my leg. I only took two or three days off work, but the company didn't pay me for them and I couldn't afford to have any more time off.

My wife said I should call National Accident Helpline and they were more than helpful. They explained everything clearly, sent someone to me for an initial assessment and then on to a doctor for an examination. The solicitor was very good too and answered any questions I had - the communication was clear and I always received letters keeping me informed of the process. I received £1,600 which covered my loss of earnings - and bought me some new jeans!

I'm glad I made the claim - hopefully it's changed the company's procedures to make it a safer working environment. I wouldn't have claimed without No Win No Fee because I simply wouldn't have had the finances to pay up front.

David Deane, Corby, was awarded £1800

I'm employed in a warehouse for a food company. I was driving a truck when the engine cut out and the truck behind me, which was loaded with pallets, drove straight into me. I had a laceration on my heel, but thought I'd be able to bandage it and go back to work. An ambulance attended and the medic suggested I went to hospital because my whole foot was swollen as a result of massive bruising. I couldn't even place it on the floor and in the end I was forced to take five weeks off work.

It was my wife who saw an ad for National Accident Helpline online. She made the initial call and then I picked up the process and was put in touch with a local solicitor. They were faultless - kept me in contact by phone and letter, and if I had any questions I could call and they would be straight back in touch. I received a settlement of £1,800 and a few sessions of physiotherapy.

I'm back to normal now - at work and playing football. I'm so glad I made my claim and in fact I recommended National Accident Helpline to my friend just the other day. I probably wouldn't have made the claim as I know solicitors can be really expensive - and I couldn't have afforded to pay for one if I wasn't guaranteed to win. I would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for the whole process.

Paul Moore was awarded £4,000

I was driving a fork lift truck in the warehouse.  There was water all over the floor and when I was coming round the corner I went out of control and drove into a metal barrier.  I had a deep 8-inch cut from my ankle right up my leg.  I had to have internal and external stitches and was off work for 9 weeks.  I still have the scar.

I’d seen the National Accident Helpline on TV adverts.  Their people were great – very helpful – and put me on to a solicitor in Sheffield.  He kept me in touch all the time – either by phone or by letter.  I got a £4,000 pay out which came at just the right time because my company went into administration the day of my settlement!  I didn’t have a job any more so the money came in handy to support my family and my daughter.

I’m really pleased I made the claim. In some cases there should always be no fee.  People like me with no money just couldn’t pursue a claim.

Brian Collins, Swansea, was awarded £1,500

I was working in a factory producing polythene bags.  I was rolling out the polythene on the machine when it jammed and I lifted up the guard to unjam it.  There was meant to be a lock holding the guard in place, but it was broken so it dropped and caught my right wrist and my wedding ring finger.  My ring was a bit bashed, but I didn’t think too much of it and just strapped it up at home and went back to work. 

The pain just got worse and worse so I went to hospital and discovered my finger was broken. I was sat watching TV afterwards and saw the National Accident Helpline come on.  I rang and they were excellent.  They told me someone would ring the next day and they did.  They were as good as they said.  The solicitor was excellent, too.  He called me and I went to see him to provide the evidence and he did everything.  I received £1,500 within 9 months and I got some physiotherapy for my hand.  Everything went well and although my hand aches in the cold, it doesn’t stop me from doing anything. 

My employer changed the machines at work immediately after my accident, too, and my claim didn’t cause any problem for me at work. I’d definitely recommend National Accident Helpline – everything went smoothly from the initial call to the settlement.

Malcolm Ford, Leeds, was awarded £5,000

I was working in a sheet metal fabrication factory when I had an industrial accident.  There was a sheet of steel placed on a table which was too narrow for it and it fell onto my foot.  It missed my toe protectors and broke my bones.  I went to hospital to have it sorted, but it got even worse when I developed infections and a large abscess.  I was off work for three or four months and went down to statutory sick pay which was really difficult.

My wife and I had to use up our savings just to keep afloat. It was the lack of wages which made me think about making a claim.  I called the National Accident Helpline and they were very decent people.  I was phoned by a solicitor who kept me well informed and I eventually won an award of nearly £5,000 which covered my loss of earnings.

I’m glad I claimed because the money helped us when we needed it and we were able to replenish some of our savings. I wouldn’t have been able to make a claim without No Win No Fee. We just didn’t have the money to pay up front.  Most people on average wages just couldn’t afford to pay a solicitor.

Mrs Ward, Durham, was awarded £3,600

I was working on an assembly line and a cooker fell onto my arm. The accident wasn't my fault. I went to hospital and discovered I had a broken hand. I wasn't sure about claiming, however, a colleague recommended National Accident Helpline to me so I called them.

The National Accident Helpline advisor was really helpful. She went through the process with me and answered all my questions. National Accident Helpline was brilliant. They put me through to the right solicitor for my case and I'm glad I made a claim. After my accident, my employer made changes so that the accident wouldn't happen again.

I made a claim under a no win no fee agreement - I didn't have to pay. If I was asked to pay money up-front, I probably would not have claimed as I would have been worried that the amount of my award would not have been enough to cover the solicitor's fees.

Anne Green was awarded £11,000

My job involved a lot of stooping, bending and twisting to inspect vehicles but I hadn’t received any training and there were no health and safety records. After some years I suddenly had a serious pain in my back that, after two weeks or so, turned into sciatica and a slipped disc. The pain I was in meant I was hardly able to do anything so I ended up off work.

For the first few weeks I was on sick pay but then went onto half pay. After a couple of months I had to go back to work as I needed the money but I couldn’t return to that same job and ended up leaving the company. A specialist who treated my back said that my job had caused it, and sent a letter in to the personnel department saying so. I was good at my job and liked it too, and I’m not the sort of person who just sues anyone for anything, but I had lost out and my health had suffered. I wake up in pain each day and will always have a weakness in my back.

National Accident Helpline was sympathetic and found lawyers who could take my case forward. At first my former employers tried to fight it by saying they had made equipment available, but it was inadequate and I hadn’t been trained. My case settled without going through court and I was awarded £11,000.

Mr Barton, London, was awarded £6000

“I’m a welder and I’d just finished working on a wrought iron gate. There should have been two people to lift it, but I was left to do it alone. I hadn’t been given any manual handling training and the gate slipped and trapped my finger. I had an operation to repair a large gash and was off work for three months. My boss immediately put me on standard sick pay, which isn’t much, and I got into debt.

I called the National Accident Helpline because I couldn’t work and so I couldn’t even pay my rent. They took down my details and sent me to a specialist to check on my hand. The solicitor was very reliable and kept me in touch right through the process. I had some physio and received a £6,000 settlement which helped me pay off some of my debts. My finger is now permanently twisted, but doesn’t cause me too much trouble.

I’m glad I claimed and would recommend the National Accident helpline to anyone. How are people in difficulty going to be able to pay for solicitors?”