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Occupational Asthma Compensation

If you work in an environment where dust, fumes or vapours affect your ability to breathe easily, you could be suffering from work related or occupational asthma. It's your employer's responsibility to make you're kept safe and healthy at work, so if your symptoms are affecting your daily life, you could claim occupational asthma compensation.

This page gives some useful information on occupational asthma compensation claims and what's involved.

Why claim occupational asthma compensation?

As with other industrial accident claims, claiming occupational asthma compensation can compensate you for the suffering and inconvenience caused, and cover the costs of any medical treatment needed.

Secondly, claiming occupational asthma compensation could help improve conditions in your working environment by raising awareness of these harmful substances. Your colleagues may well be suffering the same symptoms, so it's important to get safety measures in place to make your workplace healthier for everyone. Your employer's responsibilities include providing employees with masks and monitoring the levels of exposure to the substances causing your symptoms.

Occupational asthma compensation and your employer

Your employer should be monitoring the levels of respiratory sensitisers in your workplace on a regular basis. They should be doing all they can to ensure their employees aren't adversely affected by these conditions, where necessary providing protective masks to aid breathing and prevent dust or vapours from entering the lungs.  They could also consider installing local exhaust ventilation (LEV) where you work, which is designed to extract the dust or fumes from the air.

If you feel your employer hasn't taken these precautions, you may be able to make a claim - but you shouldn't worry about losing your job for making a claim. It's illegal for your employer to discipline or dismiss you for making a claim - read our job security page for more information.  

How much occupational asthma compensation could you receive?

There are a number of factors involved in working out how much asthma compensation will be awarded if your claim is successful. These factors include how long you've been suffering from occupational asthma and how severe your symptoms are, as well as any lost earnings or financial losses you may have suffered as a result of your asthma.

The good news is you can use our Claims Calculator to get an idea of the amount you could claim, and your solicitor will be able to give you a more accurate estimate based on the details of your claim. Get in touch today and find out in minutes if we can help you make an asthma compensation claim.

Jack Davies, Norfolk, was awarded £1600

I’m glad I made the claim – hopefully it’s changed the company’s procedures to make it a safer working environment. I wouldn’t have claimed without No Win No Fee because I simply wouldn’t have had the finances to pay up front. 


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  • Simple arm fractures £4350 - £12600
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