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Causes of Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness is usually linked with being exposed to regular or continuous loud noise in the workplace, over a prolonged period of time, without adequate safety equipment such as earplugs.

Industrial deafness is one of the most common occupational diseases, and of course, some occupations carrier a higher risk than others. For example, those working in mining, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and transportation are all at a relatively high risk of industrial deafness. Some professions outside the 'industrial' bracket are also relatively high risk, including musicians and members of the armed forces.

Sufferers of industrial deafness will experience a range of different hearing problems, depending on what caused the industrial deafness and how severe the problem is. Tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing in the ears), muffled hearing and trouble hearing high pitched noises are common side effects of industrial deafness. Our specialist industrial deafness lawyers can help you claim no win no fee compensation.

What causes industrial deafness?

Causes of industrial deafness can include;

  • Operating loud machinery for long periods of time without ear protection or taking regular breaks
  • Using power tools without the appropriate ear protection
  • Working in transport - near or in loud vehicles such as lorries, planes or trains
  • Exposure to a single, unexpected loud noise, for example an explosion, or heavy materials being dropped from height

Whatever the cause, we've been helping people make industrial deafness claims since 1993, so the chances are our industrial deafness lawyers have handled a similar claim before.

Effects of long term noise exposure

According to the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID), a simple hearing test can prove whether your deafness is caused by noise exposure. Generally, symptoms start with difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds, and if exposure to noise continues, you will also have trouble hearing low frequency sounds. Industrial deafness sufferers also often have difficulty following conversations in rooms where there is background noise.

In workplaces which are noisy by necessity, employers need to take practical steps wherever possible to work with employees against the causes of industrial deafness. Read our page on preventing industrial deafness to find out more.

How our industrial deafness lawyers can help

Our industrial deafness lawyers can help you claim compensation by proving that your condition was caused by your employer's negligence, and can handle your claim on a no win no fee basis.

To find the right industrial deafness lawyer to handle your claim, get in touch today. 

Anne Green was awarded £11,000

I’m not the sort of person who just sues anyone for anything, but I had lost out and my health had suffered...My case settled without going through court and I was awarded £11,000.


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