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Injured at work or suffering from a work-related illness?

Your employer is responsible for minimising risks and hazards in the workplace. We can offer you the support and guidance you need on claiming compensation for injuries or illness caused by your work.

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Chemical Injury Claims

Chemical injury claims can help those who've suffered chemical injuries (including chemical burns or chemical poisoning) through no fault of their own, secure compensation.

Chemical injury claims can be made if the person injured can show that their employer's negligence caused the injury. This might have involved failing to train you in the safe practices needed to deal with a particular chemical, or it might have been by failing to identify risks or provide you with protective equipment or clothing.

Chemical injury claims can be made if:

  • You have been injured by a chemical and it wasn't your fault (your employer could have prevented it from happening).
  • Your employer failed to inform you that a substance was potentially harmful and that you were being exposed to it.
  • Your employer did not provide you with safe working equipment to handle the chemical and this led to you being injured.
  • Your employer did not train you in how to use safety procedures effectively and as a result of this lack of training you sustained an injury.

Chemical injury claims can be made if you noticed the symptoms in the last three years.

Claiming 'no win no fee' compensation

The chemical injury claims process doesn't have to be stressful or cost you any money. Our solicitor firms can handle your claim on a no win no fee basis, which means you don't have to pay any money to them if your claim is lost, and you'll never be left out of pocket.

Call us or claim online today to find out more about claiming chemical injury compensation. The sooner you start your claim, the sooner you will receive the chemical injury compensation you deserve. And, while claiming for chemical injury cannot by law lead to your dismissal, it may well prevent other accidents occurring which could otherwise injure your work colleagues.

David Deane, Corby, was awarded £1800

I'm back to normal now - at work and playing football. I'm so glad I made my claim and in fact I recommended National Accident Helpline to my friend just the other day... I would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for the whole process.


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