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Causes of Asbestosis

Exposure to Asbestos

Causes of asbestosis are all related to exposure to asbestos. More precisely, what causes asbestosis is the inhalation of the tiny fibres of asbestos which are released into the atmosphere when the substance is disturbed.

Exposure to asbestos can occur in a number of different ways, for example:

  • Working in close proximity to asbestos - those working in the building or demolition industries are likely to come into contact with asbestos
  • Manufacturing asbestos products - anyone who has been involved with manufacturing products which contain asbestos may have experienced exposure to asbestos
  • Families of those working with asbestos - tiny asbestos fibres can be carried around on clothing, so anyone in the family of a person who works with asbestos, or who regularly cleans their clothing, may also be exposed to asbestos

Exposure to asbestosis - asbestos in the atmosphere

It's important to remember that asbestos is not dangerous to people as long as it is safely contained - it is usually only the airborne fibres which can lead to problems later on such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. This is why people who encounter asbestos at work, or those who carry out regular DIY in houses which contain asbestos, are much more likely to suffer problems.

Simply living in a house where asbestos has been used as insulation, for example, is usually perfectly safe, as long as it is not possible to inhale the fibres.

Asbestos in the home

If you need to do DIY on your house and the area contains asbestos, you should not attempt to remove the asbestos yourself as doing so could risk exposure to asbestos - this should only be done by a licenced contractor. If you accidentally release asbestos fibres then this may lead to serious health problems.

Contact the Health and Safety Executive for advice on how to deal with asbestos in your home. Your council can also offer advice on what to do if your house contains asbestos.

What causes asbestosis at work?

Those employed in jobs such as mining, plumbing and building may experience exposure to asbestos on a regular basis. Employees in these professions therefore need to be aware of the health and safety measures necessary to prevent asbestosis and mesothelioma later in life.

If employers in these areas do not alert workers to potential asbestosis causes and their dangers, or fail to take practical steps where necessary to limit the causes of asbestosis, they may be liable to pay asbestosis compensation to injured employees.

Possible Compensation

Upper Body Injuries
Asbestos-related disease
£4350 - £83750

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