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Injured at work or suffering from a work-related illness?

Your employer is responsible for minimising risks and hazards in the workplace. We can offer you the support and guidance you need on claiming compensation for injuries or illness caused by your work.

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Industrial Accident Claims

What are industrial accident claims?

Industrial Accident Helpline helps those injured in an industrial working environment, or suffering from an industrial disease, claim compensation. This includes those injured in factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction sites and building sites.

We aim to give you all the information you need on a wide range of industrial injuries and medical conditions, from asbestosis and mesothelioma, to industrial deafness and vibration white finger. In each case, we give you an introduction to the condition as well as more information on symptoms, causes and how to make industrial accident claims.

We're experts in all types of industrial accident claims, so even if you can't find information on your injury, the chances are we can still help you claim compensation - simply give us a call or use Live Chat to find out in seconds if we can help.

Can I make a claim?

Under UK law, all employers owe a 'duty of care' to their employees, meaning they must take reasonable steps to do all they can to keep them safe at work. Industrial accident claims can be made when an employer ignores their responsibilities, and an employee is injured as a result of their negligence. For example;

  • Someone working in a warehouse is injured after tripping over discarded packaging material
  • A factory worker suffers from industrial deafness (noise-induced hearing loss) after working with loud machinery without the correct ear protection
  • A builder contracts asbestosis after their employer fails to make them aware that there's asbestos in a building they are working in
  • A construction worker develops vibration white finger after using a pneumatic drill without being given anti-vibration gloves

Industrial accident claims can be made within three years of the accident taking place - the exception being industrial conditions such asbestosis, mesothelioma and vibration white finger, where symptoms can appear months or years after exposure to a dangerous substance or working practice. Here, industrial injury claims can be made within three years of the injured person knowing they are injured.

'No win no fee' industrial accident claims'

If you're ready to get started, give one of our friendly advisors a call or start your claim online. After a brief chat with an advisor, you'll find out whether we can help with your industrial accident claim, and if so, we'll find the best solicitor firm to handle your claim.

No win no fee means that if your claim is unsuccessful for some reason, there's nothing to pay - your solicitor simply doesn't get paid. This means you can make your claim without having to worry about having topay expensive legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful.

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